Original residents think their village takes the cake - Greenwich Village

Original residents think their village takes the cake

29 June, 2020


Andrew and Joan Kaye were the first residents to move into Greenwich Gardens five years ago. We asked if they have seen a lot of changes in their five years:

‘Back then there was a lot of soil and building work going on, but from the first day we moved in we were made to feel very welcome and that feeling still remains.  We also enjoyed watching the rest of the village move in and have made great friends during our time here.’ says Andrew.

The Kayes chose Greenwich Gardens for the independence it offered as well as the wide range of activities.  ‘We wanted to live totally independently’ says Joan, ‘so the best thing about living here is that we can join in as much or as little as we want to.’

‘Originally, we were sold on the artist impressions of what the village would look like, but since moving in we have loved watching the village grow and come alive.  We have had so many good times here including the wide range of events offered and the great functions put on for us,’ adds Joan, ‘but lately with all the Covid-19 restrictions, with all the things we can and can’t do the staff always look after us.

5 years later they joined village staff to help cut the village’s fifth birthday cake

‘We feel protected.  If we had been in our old home instead of GNG over the lockdown period, we would have felt very lonely and vulnerable. There is a sense of safety in connection with retirement villages and as you get older you enjoy this sense of safety even more.’ Joan continues.

‘Looking ahead, as we become more dependent, the village will become even more important to us,’ says Joan, ‘the people here are also important to us, from the friends we have made to the amazing staff that always go out of their way to look after us.’

At the cake cutting ceremony, Village Manager Derek Liefting thanked all the residents and staff who have been part of the Kayes’ and the wider village’s journey so far, and says he looks forward to further celebrations as alert level restrictions are lifted.